Temper Tantrums of Children with Special Needs

Temper Tantrums can be very troublesome for families, especially when children with special needs make these tantrums. It becomes more severe when they are not at home and in public places. And most parents of children with special needs get frustrated with their behaviours. But if parents use the right methods and ways to correct behaviours it can easily help families to get through the bad situations that they face.
Children with special needs usually have big temper tantrums, but parents and guardians need to know the difference between tantrums and meltdowns. You should know the real and detailed difference which will help you to determine the reaction in a good way.

Methods For Handling Temper Tantrums of Children with Special Needs

While keeping in mind, There are some good methods of handling tantrums for children with special needs.

Divert the Behavior of Children

Try to divert the behaviour of children quickly. Make it possible as soon as you can. Once you feel that your child is about to create a tantrum, quickly divert your child to anything you know that make the situation good.

Taking to Safe Place

You should be aware that your child will not harm himself, any other persons or things during the tantrum. Make sure to take your child to a safer place.

Use Different Word Clues

Calm your child by using their clues. As encouraging your child to understand your directions. These words or clues encourage your child instead of controlling them. These clues can make a huge difference between what you say to your child and what he understands.

Using Visual Clues and Cards

Visual cues are very effective in helping children who feel problems in vocalizing their difficulties and comforts. You can use photographs and images that might have clues such as stop, go, quiet, slow down, no horn, wait and many other cues that can help a child learn and understand.

Using Counting as a Calming Method

In some cases, counting has played a great method for some children to help, create calmness. You can do some practice, with your children. Some children can achieve this goal and can divert and stop their behaviours while counting. When you use this method, do not use any other words or don’t distract.

Don’t Give Attention

This is the method in which you ignore the child’s behaviour. Understand the difference between ignoring the behaviour and not ignoring the child. Parents give the child no negative or positive reaction. This method needs many trials to be successful.

Focus on correcting Behaviour

Try to focus on correcting behaviour without becoming angry. It becomes impossible in some cases and parents become very upset, react to the negative behaviour and this leads to a very aggressive situation.

Teach Result Quickly

Teach results for tantrums very quickly, logical and practical. It should be made sure that the child learns that if they will create tantrums then they will not able to get what they want.

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