Tips to Manage Stress During Coronavirus

The coronavirus has brought uncertain anxiety and stress within our lives so, we have to manage that stress and anxiety, here are some useful tips to manage stress during the coronavirus. When children see all the situations, watch the news on t.v, or social media, and hear the discussions that all talk about, children get terrified. As the coronavirus has changed their physical school to online school, friendships and daily practice so, we should try to manage the anxiety, and stress by taking care of their physical, mental, and emotional health. These are the best tips to manage stress during the coronavirus that can help parents and children to live to get out of stress while staying at home.

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Talk To Them According to Their Age

If your child is immature, don’t give him so much information about the virus, as this could make their creative mind go unreasonable. If your child questions you then try to answer them which they can easily understand but don’t ignore their questions. You can skip some information, which is not essential for their age. If your kid is mature enough, then give authentic information regarding figures, or cases of your city or state, you can also consult websites or social media plates forms to get the latest updates.

Answer Their Questions Logically

If your child wants to know about the pandemic, and he has, how, what, and whom questions then try to answer him simply and logically. You can start explaining to him with examples of what should we do and what should not. Show him different advertisements where he can learn the importance of safety. He can also learn the significance of masks, social distancing, staying at home, and saying hi instead of shaking hands and washing hands.

Understand Them

If your kid does not agree to stay at home and he wants to go to see his friends then don’t force him. Try to make them understand that you also want to see your friends and other family members. And you also miss all of them, going outside and seasonal festivals. You can also add that every family in the world is suffering from the same situation. Be realistic that he is just a kid and he has not seen such a situation before.

Video Calling and Sharing

When kids want to meet their friends, do chit chat and play games with them, make a group call. Using different internet applications do video calls with friends and family members. They can share their current situation, experience, daily routine, activities and problems they are having.

Give additional Love and Support

This is a time when the whole world is facing problems and is under great stress. we cannot change the situation but we can give love, and support to our family. We can give additional warmth, value and affection to your kid. Then in return, he will also give you the same passion of love.

One-on-one Time

Kids always want special attention from their parents. Now, this is the right time when you are working from home, you can give that one-to-one time. You can make a beautiful bond with your family. You can Play, laugh, family time on quality time.

Appreciate Them

Parents’ one word of appreciation can make children smile. Now, when you are at home make a list of which things your child do best, and which cannot. When you appreciate his zero work will also improve and become better day by day. Each evening, share with your youngster one fun or positive thing. You can help him with school projects. You can make drawings, do puzzles, and do paintings as well.

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