Benefits of Colour Therapy

The benefits of colour therapy can be seen as it is used in the treatment of different disorders, emotional and mental problems other pain and illnesses. Autism is a spectrum disorder in which the severity of symptoms can vary from person to person. These include difficulties in communication and social interactions, obsessive interests, and repetitive behaviours.
colour perception.

Some colours stimulate the brain and create excitement or a sense of danger, while other colours have the opposite effect on the human mind. Autistic children are born sensitive. So if they see a colour that stimulates a sense of danger, they will stay away from that colour as much as possible.

Exposure to strong colours for a long time can overwhelm an autistic child’s brain. Therefore, they should be surrounded by lighter or muted colours.

Benefits of Colour Therapy

Here are some benefits of colour therapy, which are as follows;

Follow the instructions

Following directions is an important skill for all children, but often children with ASD can be overwhelmed by understanding directions. Because it’s a good starting point for working on more complex instruction

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are often another area where children lag behind their peers on the spectrum. Colour therapy helps them to practice fine motor skills in a fun way.

Encourage creativity

When autistic children struggle with artistic creativity, they may not enjoy colouring. However, they can express their creativity in guided activities that eventually lead to painting and drawing independent

Weight loss efforts

Because autism is a spectrum condition and its symptoms can be anywhere
Between hard and easy, colour therapy helps autistic children stay calm.

Reduce their discomfort

Part of colour therapy is being aware and aware of the colours in your home environment. Because home is one of the few
For environments where you have the most control, be sure to choose muted tones for furniture and walls. This will help the child function as much as possible without discomfort.

Helping you better understand your child

Knowing the benefits of colour therapy parents love to go for the colour therapy specialist to work with personally.
Kids to know how your child reacts to different colours. This will help relieve your stress, knowing that you are helping them feel better about their journey through life.

Increase self-esteem of children with autism

Colouring is something they praise. This will give them a sense of self-acceptance, pride, and joy.

Helping parents connect with children

Colouring is an activity you can do with your child. This will help you bond better with your child.

Immersion can positively affect

This is a calming activity that is also a vehicle for self-expression for these children.

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