Tips to Manage Sleep Issues During Coronavirus

It’s common for kids to face sleep issues during these anxious and stressful times. So, there are some tips to manage sleep issues during the coronavirus. Some might experience difficulty while sleeping, and others particularly small kids, might be restless about being isolated from their mother and father. Keeping a persistent sleep time and a normal daily routine can assist with resolving these issues. These tips to manage sleep issues during the coronavirus can be very helpful for parents and guardians, which are as follows:

Make Sleep Plan

Identify your sleep need, then, focus on, how much you sleep every night. While six or nine hours can be enough for particular grown-ups, most need seven to eight hours. We are not in favour of doing late-night social activities, so getting to bed on schedule is more practical at present time so, implement that.

Limit Screen Time

Switch off your gadgets one hour before sleep time. Leave your devices for charging in another room so you are not attracted to check out Coronavirus updates during the evening times.

Personal Time

Give one hour before sleep as personal time with no electronic devices. Limit discussions and calls during that hour. That is difficult, particularly when you have little youngsters at home, but totally it’s significant. We need to take a single hour out of each day. Clean up/shower, play calming music, do meditation, try to connect with God and read a book or magazine.

Limit Day Sleep Time

Daytime sleep ought to be under 30 minutes and before 2 p.m. If you experience any difficulty in sleeping, then avoid sleeping in the morning time.

Do breathing Activities

If you face difficulty sleeping then do breathing exercises and activities for getting deep sleep. It should be a slow breath in through your nose for 3 to 4 seconds and a slow breath out through your mouth for 3 to 4 seconds. After doing these you will feel relaxed and able to get sound sleep soon.

Make a Good Sleeping Place

Ensure your room is helpful for sleep. Keep the room temperature according to the weather, switch off all the lights, close room doors while sleeping, put away your mobiles and other devices and use an eye mask for sound sleep.

Try to Cope With Stress

Many people do not have time for using methods of managing stress like time talking to friends and going for a walk or exercise. Try new activities and develop interests – painting, writing, crafting, photography, indoor exercises, gardening, indoor planting and so forth. Find out different ways of connecting with loved ones through video and audio calls. Think about taking therapies if you are unable to manage stress.

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Structure Your Daytime Plan

Focus on day-by-day activities like cooking, cleaning, exercises socializing and schedule at specific times to construct your days. This will keep you on time and routine and also lead to normal sleep time and wake time. Set phone reminders to ensure your timetable, and also to switch off screens an hour before sleep time,

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